Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Warm Weather Friends

Greetings, Friends!

It's almost forty degrees and sunny here in New Jersey.  There are still mounds of snow from last week's blizzard, and the forecast is calling for more snow over the next few days!

Every year, I get calls from my warm weather friends and clients, complaining about how much they hate the weather here on the East Coast.  They lament that their training regimens are suffering because they are used to outdoor sports.  My response is usually twofold.  First of all, you can always hit the gym.  Secondly, if you use a little creativity, you can find plenty of different and fun things to do outside!  We are lucky that the temperatures are fairly warm compared to the 20-degree weather we were experiencing.

If you have cross-country skis, now is the time to get them out!  If you want to rent them, check out the local park system.  You can even find group classes if you need to.

Even without any equipment, you can find a field full of snow and hike around it.  If the snow is deep enough, it will provide enough resistance to really get your heart rate up!  Bring some music and enjoy the fresh air!   If there's no snow left, just get out into the woods.  The trees will provide a buffer from the wind, so it will be warm enough to get some exercise.

Also, when there is snow, look for hills and go sledding.  You can even use the lid of a garbage can to get down the hill.  Walking up the hill provides a good workout, and sledding down is great fun!  What a great way to train and feel like a kid again! excuses...get out there and keep moving!

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