Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Do What You Can!

One of my favorite motivational quotes is by John Wooden.   He said, “Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”  I have been using the phrase quite often lately to help inspire people to get moving.   I even use it on myself! 

When the days are short and the weather is cold, there is a tendency to feel less energetic and ambitious.  When you add any unforeseen circumstances to your already busy schedule, it might seem like you will never achieve a healthy lifestyle.  After all, who has time to workout and eat healthy?
I recognize that it can be very challenging to fit it all in.  It is a matter of priorities and habits.  It might, also, be very useful to set aside time to review your diet and your schedule.   Commit to keeping a food log for three days.  Track how you spend your time.  Are you ingesting excess calories mindlessly?  How much time are you losing to television viewing?
You will probably be surprised at what you discover by monitoring yourself for a few days.  This can be a very eye-opening experience if you are committed to it and open-minded.  Go easy on yourself.  This is for your own benefit.  No one is judging you.
Perhaps, you will realize that you are drinking soda as if it was water!  Maybe you plop down on the sofa after work and stay there until you drag yourself to bed hours later!  Could you be making better use of that time?  Could you be doing exercises during the commercials?  Sounds cliché, but even the smallest changes make a difference.
I have spoken with many individuals who changed their lives by eliminating soda from their diets.  Changed their lives!  Their health improved in many ways, allowing them to stop taking certain medications.  Their moods improved; they slept better; and weight just seemed to drop off!
She was drinking about 135 ounces (or 17 cups) of cherry cola a day!  She eliminated the habit and dropped about 182 pounds!  She attributes it to the soda.  Amazing!  It seems she was completely unaware. 
What small changes can you make today to begin to improve your lifestyle? 

 If you would like further assistance with your life and fitness goals, please contact me at 732-842-3515 or coachjenna@formulaforexcellence.com.   I am here to support you.

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