Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Life & Wellness Coach Gets Reminder of Life Lessons!

Sometimes, in life, we need to be reminded of lessons we've already learned many times.  Long ago, I learned that things are not always as they appear.  There is usually more than one explanation for just about anything.   We must check ourselves so that we suspend judgment.  Once in a while, I forget this very important lesson along with another which states that we should not take things personally. 
I had the opportunity to be reminded of these important insights this week.  I have made more connections than usual over the past couple of weeks.  I felt I was attracting more and more high-quality, like-minded individuals, and I was pleased.  Several of the individuals told me that they would email or call me with certain information (or requests for information).  But, I did not hear from most of them.  At first, I figured it was probably due to summer vacations and busy lives.  Then,   I began to wonder if my intuition about people could be that off.   At times,  I felt cynical and mistrusting.   Dangerous feelings for a Life and Wellness Coach!  But, at least I was aware and I did my best to keep these ideas in check.
Perhaps, the lesson I learned as a child - "People suck" - was in fact true.  A horrible thought to someone who has built her life around helping others.  I refused to believe it.  I countered with my own belief that people are really doing the best that they know how at any given moment. So, I pressed on.  Maybe my energy was off.  Certainly, I would continue to meet other people.  Maybe these individuals would honor their word. 
The other night, I spoke my mind about a perceived slight by a friend.  It was minor and I dealt with it in the moment, as I usually do.  But, he stopped me in my tracks when he told me not to take these things personally!  He had a point, and I was instantly reminded why we are friends in the first place!  Over the weekend, I figured out that, unbeknownst to me,  my email carrier made some sort of kooky software change that sent over 200 emails to a "bulk" box that I didn't even know existed!  Oh my goodness!  There were all these amazing people reaching out to me exactly when they said they would. 
So, this Coach felt relieved, silly,  and determined to go through every one of those emails!  I felt more faithful.  Had my energy been off?  Probably!  Did I need to be reminded of the aforementioned life lessons?  I suppose so! 
Thanks to all those who kept their word!  I apologize for the delayed responses.  And, special thanks to my friend who continues to teach me so much about life just by being there for me.
I'd love to hear what you do when your faith in humankind is tested.  Please feel free to comment below or email me (things are working smoothly now!) at coachjenna@formulaforexcellence.com.  I am here to support you. 


  1. Just received an email asking where to post comments, so I thought I would start them off here ... Thanks for all your emails and Facebook messages!

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