Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year, New You?

It's that time of year again - after Christmas and Hanukkah and right before New Year's.  For me, this is a time of reflection about the year that is about to end.  I think back and assess my accomplishments for the year and consider how much I have grown as an individual.  Of course, I also think about what I might have done differently and what I have learned from my experiences.   
Although I do not believe that New Year's "Resolutions" are effective (and in fact, statistically over 80% of people fail - most before January is over), I do think it is useful to take time to think about the year ahead.  What do you want to accomplish?  What is working well in life, and what needs to change?  What steps are you truly committed to taking to reach your goals?  What would achieving these goals mean to you and your loved ones?  What would it feel like?
The two most popular New Year's Resolutions seem to be to lose weight and to quit smoking. But, if there is no "meat" behind the resolution, you are destined to fail.   Deciding to start your diet on New Year's Day is a recipe for disaster.  It is no different than starting a diet on Monday.  Be honest - how many times have you binged on a Sunday night in anticipation of your new diet on Monday morning?  New Year's is the same scenario. 
In order to be successful in achieving your goals (a.k.a. "resolutions") for the New Year, you must find what motivates you.  In other words, find the internal motivation propelling you toward your goal.  Why do you really want to achieve it?  If you are losing weight or quitting smoking to please your spouse or your doctor, you are motivated by external factors.  Your success will very likely be short-lived.  You need to make lifestyle changes for YOU!
Other steps to consider while pursuing your goals include:
Ø  Seeking support - from family members, friends, coaches, etc.
Ø  Writing your goals down
Ø  Chunking your goals into smaller, achievable goals - have a plan!
Ø  Allowing adequate time to reach your goals - there are usually no quick fixes that provide long-term solutions (e.g., diet pills or starvation diets will provide minimal results and will only work in the very short-term; you will not lose 80 lbs. in a week!)  In other words, are you being realistic?
Ø  Quantifying your goals - how will you measure success?  To simply state that you want to lose weight is too broad.  Exactly how many pounds do you want to lose?  See the difference?
Ø  Setting a time limit - what is the deadline to achieve your goal?  
I'd love to hear your input! Please post a comment below or contact me at 732-842-3515 or for a complimentary 30-minute Formulate Your Goals! Phone Session. I am here to support you!
Best wishes for a Happy, Healthy, Successful New Year!
~Coach Jenna

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