Friday, February 17, 2012

Make My Day!!

A rather arrogant man once remarked that I am a "little do-gooder".    He seemed put-off by my line of work.  I was put-off by his quick assessment of my career and the way I treat people.   He insisted that I should not be friendly toward others, and in fact I should not allow them to talk to me!  I remained cordial toward him, but I knew instantly that he would probably never understand me as an individual.  Our views of the world were obviously very different.
I tend to come from a place of love and openness when I go out into the world.  Whereas this gentleman seemed very closed off and angry.  I understand where he was coming from, and I am sure he had issues to deal with in his life. 
The idea of declaring an official Random Acts of Kindness Day seems pretty ridiculous to me.  It's in my nature to commit such acts on a daily basis.  But, given that we have a day dedicated to this, it seems like a good idea to examine what we all can do for each other to make the world a little bit better.
In today's fast-paced society, it is easy to become absorbed in one's own schedule, needs, and problems to the exclusion of others.  Random acts of kindness simply require a little more attention to the people you encounter around you.   Part of being socially responsible means treating others the way you would like to be treated.
Random acts of kindness are win-win situations.  You spread love and kindness to someone else when you help them without expecting a reward in return.  The recipient of your kindness feels gratitude and appreciation.  You feel good that you have helped someone else. Both parties feel good after the encounter.  Who knows?  You may renew the other person's faith that anything is possible in life!
Some examples of random acts of kindness might include:
Helping your neighbor with her pets
Making a donation to a charity or hospital
Giving directions to someone who is obviously lost
Helping someone change a tire
Letting someone jump ahead of you in line
Giving something to someone
Helping someone pick something they dropped up
Express a genuine interest in someone who seems downtrodden
Truly listen to a friend in need
Be generous with your time
Bring someone a cup of coffee
Allow someone else to have that awesome parking spot!
Basically, lend a hand without being asked and without expecting something in return!

There are countless ways to do good in the world.  These are very simple acts of kindness you can commit very easily.  I'd love to hear your ideas.  Have you made anyone's day today?  Make MY day and let me know about it!
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