Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Freedom, Choices, & Consequences!

Happy Independence Day! 

We take so many freedoms for granted here in the United States – freedom of speech, of religion, to vote, to choose a life partner, to travel, to eat what we please.  Thankfully, the list goes on and on.

Sometimes, these “freedoms”  can be overwhelming.  With Freedom, comes Choices.  With Choices, come Consequences.  Wouldn't it be nice if we could do whatever we please and not have to pay the price?  What if we could eat and drink junk in mass quantities and still look like a supermodel?  Even though that's obviously not how life works, it's tempting to fool ourselves into believing it does.  It's common to wind up being held prisoner by competing desires to eat whatever we want in whatever quantity and to look and feel like the picture of health and fitness.

As I do every year, I have heard from several individuals who are panicking over the upcoming Barbecues, Family Reunions, and Bathing Suits.   These things seem to bring overeating and fitness (or lack of) issues to the forefront. 

Hopefully, you have been on track with your fitness and weight management goals. But, even the strongest among us succumb to stress and temptation at least occasionally! Indulging in not-so-healthy foods is perfectly fine as long as it is done in moderation.

If you know that once you give in to temptation you will be unable to stop, you must avoid the temptation altogether or have an alternate plan. For instance, bring your own meal to the barbecue or eat in advance. Always have a snack beforehand. Never arrive famished!

Keep in mind that each event is just one day out of 365 days in the year. Stressful family interactions may trigger old behavior patterns, but this does not need to derail your fitness and weight loss efforts. Begin to identify what you are really feeling rather than stuffing your emotions down with food. Be prepared by not starving yourself earlier in the day, and resolve to enjoy your favorite dishes in moderation. Remember that you are an adult now.

You may begin to practice new behaviors in response to stress and family triggers. Take as much control as you can. That may mean excusing yourself from the buffet to take a brief walk. It may mean refusing food that you really don't want to eat. You decide what works for you. You can do this!

If you decide you need extra support and focus in the area, call (732-842-3515)or email ( me today.   Without a plan, nothing will change! You deserve to be free of emotional eating and self-doubt!

Best wishes for a Happy, Healthy Independence Day!

~Coach Jenna

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